Painless Ways to Save One Hundred Dollars a Month or More

Here are some painless ideas to incorporate into your daily routine. Doing so will save you money each month.
Tip 1 If you use a drip coffee maker to brew a pot of coffee don’t throw away the coffee grounds. Simply add two full tablespoons to the top of once-used grounds. Brew as usual. This can save you at least $20.00 a month and the coffee tastes fresh on both days.
Tip 2I find 100% juice drinks too sweet for my taste. I dilute the juice with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water. You will use less, save calories and save ten dollars or more a month.
Tip3 Here is an oldie but goody that my parents used. Gently squeeze toilet paper rolls so the cardboard center doesn’t easily dispense huge amounts of toilet paper. Children in particular seem to use way more than they need. They can still use as much as they need but it takes a bit longer to roll around the holder. Guarantee it will quit unnecessary waste of paper.
Tip 4 When dinning in restaurants, forget sodas or other beverages. Ask for a plain water and slice of lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice into your water glass. Add sugar or sugar substitute from the table. The lemonade you have made tastes delicious, quenches your thirst and is free.
Tip 4Quit throwing 8-10% of your money away in coin- counting machines at grocery stores. Buy paper coin holders at the dollar store or ask your bank if they have any to give you. Usually they gladly give them away for free. Sort your coins and wrap them. Deposit them and save all of your hard-earned money.
Tip5Old t-shirts that are stained make perfect dusting and cleaning rags. Simple wash them , cut them to desired size, reuse them to clean up around the house.
Tip 6 Re purpose old square coffee tins and Pringles cans. Clean them up and cover them with sticky drawer lining paper. They make perfect color spots. Organize children’s odds and ends and even make cute banks when the plastic top is slit for coins to be placed in.
Tip7- Try coloring your own hair. It will save you expensive salon trips. Painting your own nails or learning how to apply your own false nails will save you $100.00 a month easily.


More ideas to increase your income now


This blog is dedicated to various ways to decrease your spending and increase your take home pay. The current economy is in crisis mode.  Here are some ideas to help stretch your dollar. Keep more money in your pocket. To increase the capital coming into your monthly budget. 

 Ebay is a very well know online sales place. You can sell your items at an auction listing and then you would be responsible for mailing the item off to the winning bidder. Buyers pay the shipping cost. To get started on eBay you will need a digital camera or phone camera with cable transfer, boxes, packing materials and of course items to sell on eBay. One great way to start is by selling unused items from around your house. Christmas gifts you didn’t have time to return. Clothing children have outgrown. Write a great description of what you are selling. Make sure you know how much shipping will be by weighing your package. On line sales can really pad your monthly income.

 Creative and know how to paint, knit, sew, create? Try Etsy This is the number one online source for people who hand craft items. The best-selling ideas include bath soap and soaks, candles, wedding garters, children’s head bands. Not sure how to create something from hand? Try taking an inexpensive course at Micheals arts and crafts. You can learn a new skill that might be a very good seller on Etsy. 

 Selling books and dvd’s on  is another easy way to sell movies you don’t need anymore or books. If you are shopping yard sales for books for resale make sure they are current books, Non fiction books sell the best such as self help, college books, antique and collectible books, autobiographies. If you have a cel phone you can always look up the current selling price on Amazon. That will give you a good idea of what a book is worth. The more you list and sell the better you get at it. 

ecrater is another online sales place. It is less expensive than eBay but not as much traffic. 

Try taking online surveys for cash. It will only earn you about $35.00 every two months but if you have the time it is an easy way to earn extra cash. Some legitimate survey spots include The cash out  amount is $35.00. It takes several weeks to get your money transferred into your Pay Pal account. You can also cash in dollars for gift cards. 

Vindale Research is another one that offers many surveys consistently and is good about paying you when the threshold is met.

Enter Sweepstakes. Last year I won an all expenses paid vacation to Fiji. It was the trip of a lifetime going all the way around to the other side of the globe. Some of the great places to enter sweepstakes are sweepstakes to enter are”
You can sell kids clothes after they have outgrown them at You can also save a lot of money by swapping your used clothes up for the next size.
Although it is a long process you might consider blogging to earn extra money. Bloggers with thriving blogs and get advertisements on their blogs. You are paid when customers click on the advertisers links. Some suggested advertisers include google ad words program and Amazon affiliates. There are numerous ways to get paid to blog.
If you enjoy writing reviews of movies you have seen. Products you have tried you might want to check out epinions on the web and other blogger options and places to get paid to write include:
Success is out there. Don’t give up. Research. Find your niche in whichever direction you decide to go. With time and perseverance extra money will be yours for the taking.