Painless Ways to Save One Hundred Dollars a Month or More

Here are some painless ideas to incorporate into your daily routine. Doing so will save you money each month.
Tip 1 If you use a drip coffee maker to brew a pot of coffee don’t throw away the coffee grounds. Simply add two full tablespoons to the top of once-used grounds. Brew as usual. This can save you at least $20.00 a month and the coffee tastes fresh on both days.
Tip 2I find 100% juice drinks too sweet for my taste. I dilute the juice with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water. You will use less, save calories and save ten dollars or more a month.
Tip3 Here is an oldie but goody that my parents used. Gently squeeze toilet paper rolls so the cardboard center doesn’t easily dispense huge amounts of toilet paper. Children in particular seem to use way more than they need. They can still use as much as they need but it takes a bit longer to roll around the holder. Guarantee it will quit unnecessary waste of paper.
Tip 4 When dinning in restaurants, forget sodas or other beverages. Ask for a plain water and slice of lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice into your water glass. Add sugar or sugar substitute from the table. The lemonade you have made tastes delicious, quenches your thirst and is free.
Tip 4Quit throwing 8-10% of your money away in coin- counting machines at grocery stores. Buy paper coin holders at the dollar store or ask your bank if they have any to give you. Usually they gladly give them away for free. Sort your coins and wrap them. Deposit them and save all of your hard-earned money.
Tip5Old t-shirts that are stained make perfect dusting and cleaning rags. Simple wash them , cut them to desired size, reuse them to clean up around the house.
Tip 6 Re purpose old square coffee tins and Pringles cans. Clean them up and cover them with sticky drawer lining paper. They make perfect color spots. Organize children’s odds and ends and even make cute banks when the plastic top is slit for coins to be placed in.
Tip7- Try coloring your own hair. It will save you expensive salon trips. Painting your own nails or learning how to apply your own false nails will save you $100.00 a month easily.