Reward Cards That Pay to Own

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 There are many reward card available that are used to save you money. My favorite reward credit card is Discover.  They offer a certain percentage back on everything you charge on your card. So if you use it for gasoline, to pay your electric bills, groceries you will be receiving money right back for doing so. Just make sure to pay off the balance every month. Subtract it from your checking account and spend like cash. Before you know it hundreds of dollars will be coming back to you just for using a charge card. Wonderful rewards for chores you do every week anyway. Check out their $50.00 sign up bonus too. You just can’t go wrong. This link will take you to the Discover Bonus Page. Check it out to get started. .

   In less than six months of making Discover my primary credit card I have earned over $200.00 back. You can request a check and have it deposited into your checking account. You can also use the balance to purchase gifts from the Discover gift center. Either way you are earning money for things you do every day. Perfect way to start saving painlessly. 


Reward cards at grocery stores are free. Sign up for every one you go to to purchase things. Frys, Safeway, Drugstores such as CVS and Walgreens. Save and be rewarded. It adds up quickly and you can’t beat the special deals they give you for being a good customer at their store. Inquire at customer service and keep those free rewards cards handy. They usually come with a key chain variety that is easy to carry along with your keys. 

Another nice way to shop in bulk and still save money is Costco. Membership there is not free. However, if you have a close friend or family member that also has a Costco membership you can easily spit the cost of the huge quantities and reap the benefits of bulk buying. Another bulk purchase warehouse to look at is Sams Club. They are the large bulk store owned by Walmart. Buying in bulk really makes sense when you have young children that are going through diapers, and baby food at a large quantity rate. Make sure to use your membership card to take advantage of gasoline pumps run by Costco. They have super deals on tires and gasoline.